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Beta Club
SPONSOR: Bridgette Lewis
The Beta Club is a service club whose purpose is to promote leadership, honesty, and service among the students, to work for an improved school and community, and to reward academic achievement.

Co-op Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA)
SPONSOR: Kaye Flatt
VICA is the national organization foe students enrolled in trade, technical, industrial, and health occupation programs in public high schools, trade and technical schools, junior and community colleges. The organization takes pride in developing leadership and quality workers. All Co-Op students enroll in the VICA organization.

Criminal Justice VICA Club
SPONSOR: Jim Bauernfeind
The Criminal Justice VICA club is open to anyone in Mt. Juliet High School with an interest in Criminal Justice. Registration with the state VICA organization and competition in the state and national VICA competitions in Criminal Justice require attendance in a Criminal Justice class. The club is a community service oriented organization working on several community events during the school year. Assistance in training for the competitions and community events is recieved from Wilson County Sheriffs Department. Dues are required in the organization and this offsets the cost of club jackets, VICA membership, and competitive events.

Drama Club
SPONSOR: Dottie Ratcliffe and Key McKinney
The Drama Club is an elite club only available to selected students that have successfully complteted Drama I and at least 1 semester of Drama II. Selection is based on auditions and will require teacher recommendations. Also required will be a minimum of 1 audition in the community per semester. The purpose of the club is to enhance the Drama Department by being a support staff for the Drama II productions and by club members making themselves available as performers or storytellers to area elementary schools.

The French Club
SPONSOR: Ed Johnson
The French Club's purpose is to promote interest in the French language and the culture in which French is spoken. The governing body is the Executive Council (20 members), which includes the president, vice-president, and the secretary-treasurer. Activities include French Colors Day, canned food drive, Mardis Gras party, and others planned by the Executive Council

Future Farmers of America (FFA)
SPONSOR: Louis Fletcher, Tommy Brewer, Don Willoughby
The FFA is a national oprganization by and for students enrolled in agriculture education classes. Membership dues are paid annually and the members can participate in local, state, and nantional FFA activites

Future Teachers of America (FFA)
SPONSOR:Linda Armistead
The club is open to students in grades 9-12 interested in education and a career in teaching. A GPA of 2.5 or above with good conduct and behavior references, good attendance, and a desire to serve are other requirements. Club members are involved in various projects throughout the year to earn points to attend the annual FTA convention in the spring. A $200 scholarship is given to a senior member planning to become an educator, having demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and excellent academic performance.

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
SPONSOR:Jan Dickens and Darlene McLeish
This is a student organization for all students and former students of Health Science & Technology classes and is important to the cirriculum. The mission statement of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health occupations education students, therefore, helping the students to meet the needs of the health care communtiy.

Kappa Epsilon Tau
SPONSOR:Jim Bauernfeind
The Mt. Juliet High School Kappa Epsilon Tau Club, better known as KET, is a high school sorority of young women who are dedicated to serving the school by service to the community. The organization is open only to those who are willing to give themselves selflessly. KET prides itself in honesty, leading others through example, and caring about each other. Some examples of communtiy activites KET sponsors or participates in are: Adopt a Grandparent program, Christmas is for children gift program, and school spirit dances.

Mu Alpha Theta
SPONSOR: Barbara Thompson
Mu Alpha Theta is a national honorary mathematics club whose purpose is to recognize students with high mathematical ability and to promote interest in math through club meetings and contests. Requirements for membership are for the student to have completed two years of college preparatory mathematics and be currently enrolled in their third year of mathematics. In addition, eligible members must have an overall mathematics average of 90.

National Honor Society
SPONSOR: Betty Hall
The National Honor Society is an honor club whose membership is based on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Members must be seniors, must have an overall average of at least 90, and mustbe involved in other school activities. Grades and activities are checked before nominees can become members. Projects are service projects for the benefit of the school or community.

The Spanish Club
SPONSOR: Kim Griggs
The purpose of the Spanish Club is to promote interest in the Spanish language and in the cultures and countries in which the Spanish language is spoken. The Spanish Club also provides additional experiences related to the use of Spanish through various activities during the school year. Membership is open to students presently taking Spanish or who have successfully completely two years of Spanish. Dues are $2. Monthly meetings are conducted by the Spanish Club President and Vice-President for the planning, implementation, and promotion of club activites approved by the advisor. Some past activities include: service projects (food drive, clothing drive, toy drive, school clean-up, etc..); eating out at Mexican Restaurants; candy sale, La Navidad projects; El Cinco de Mayo celebration; pen pals from Spanish speaking countries; and others as planned by the Spanish Club.

The Student Council
SPONSOR: Jim Bauernfeind and Susan Reece
The Student Council is a student government organization consisting of five students from each grade level. The organization is in charge of organzing things such as Homecoming, Senior Superlatives, Cominghome, Senior Appreciation Day, and more.

Young Men and Women for Jesus (YMWJ)
SPONSOR: Esther Hockett
Young Men and Women for Jesus is a non-denominational club. It is dedicted to giving support to those who need it. All are welcome to participate in the Biblical study lessons discussed at the meetings. YMWJ meets every morning in the library conference room from 7:45 a.m. until 8:08 a.m. The club brings God and Christianity to the high school. The only thing you have to have for this club is the love for Jesus Christ. YMWJ brings God into the hearts of students at this school. Activities inclde a weekly experiencing God program after school, collecting money for Covenant House, motivational speakers, and pizza parties.

Youth in Government
SPONSOR: Nancy Ash and Beverly Sharpe
Youth in Government is for students who are interested in their state government and the political process. This club is a training ground for YMCA's Youth Legislature. At this annual convention young people all across Tennessee come together with ideas to imporve our state. Member students debate educational, environmental, governmental, and general welfare issues. In doing so one learns to write bills or proposals and carry it through a legal process consisting of 100% high school students.